Week 2

This week went well.

After some serious thought and looking at test scores, I decided to change the DLP for Intervention and the 2 Intermediate (ESOL 2a and 2b) classes.  I have cut the number of problems down to 5 and have added an explanation sentence for each that the students have to write.  This adds another element of writing – they have to explain their thought processes to do so.  Thursday was 10 sentences and that was too rough on them since it was the 1st time doing this.  After thinking about it I changed it to 5.  If I have to I can change it again to 2 sentences and 3 mistakes with 3 written explanations.

ESOL 1 Beginning classes are finally moving along.  After 3 days and 2 retests  everyone in the class is passing the to be verb in the present tense.  They are also all talking in English to some degree.   Jh will continue to be low, it is taking him longer to process then the girls.  B. is also slower than the others but is talking more in English than everyone else.  L continues to be a concern and she will be for a while.   Yesterday we moved into parts of the body and clothing.   They seem to be OK with this.  They moved quickly on it yesterday, homework came in finished – all labeled some with clothes others with out.  L looks like a 1st grader drew it.  Today we did the butcher paper people.  They all laughed and had a good time.  This brought them closer together and it turned out wonderful.  The tracings were funny but they all drew clothes on themselves and labeled the parts and clothing correctly.

IN Cable we moved into timelines.  Lesson went OK, will need more work.  I did teach them how to use the words in the questions to find the answers.  More practice is needed.  Charts is understood but with everything will have to be revisited again.

Intervention is going much better.  Working on identification of complete sentences.  I gave them a list and they had to tell me if it was complete or not.  Next step is why.

Intermediate groups – more work on Main Idea needed,  more work on information stated in the text is needed – it is when the information becomes rewritten is when it is a problem.   Starting poetry.  Using the prezi from Sidbury  everything good.  Introduced figurative lang. from prezi.  Also introduced the whole concept of a poem using song Call Me Maybe the video of the Swim team and the printed lyrics.  Teaching outline note taking at the same time.

Next week is testing and a short week.

Personal: Had class at Judy Hoyer with Betty.  It was excellent – good interaction good ideas.  Have a book to read and homework.

2 online classes started and I am behind this week.  I will get caught up this weekend.


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Not sure if this is a student breakthrough or mine but it happened. I do know that the language barrier is the cause on both parts.  After I tested my students today  on the same skill that has been covered for weeks with limited mastery I noticed that the problem was singular vs. plural.   So I back tracked and reviewed the skill in Spanish and in English.  TO be clear from now on L. = English and them = Spanish.   and they = whole class

They were able to explain the concept to me in both languages oral. L. not in writing. them got it.  I then took it up a level with different words and they all understood it.   We then went into G to G and used the page,  there was still the issue with it just not a big one.  it was only 2 wrong each.  for Al, J, and L it was the word children and books and for A and B it was doors.  All said they did not see the s on the words.  We will continue this tomorrow with both the same and different words and see if it sticks.

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This chapter starts the 2012-2013 school year.

So far this year is overwhelming most of the time.  While my duties have not changed the demands have increased.  This week I managed to: Get the monthly reports for my building done and in, written the 3 tests I have to, given them and the 4th one, completed the data trackers, written next week’s tests, completed and sent out the accommodation reports at least most of them, got most of the bilingual dictionaries to the testing coordinator, rewarded the students who came to the Back to School Night, counseled 2 students (this will be ongoing for the rest of the year), attended 2 trainings and the f. meeting, attended the department meeting, planned for and taught my classes, talked to colleagues about ESOL students, met with my mentor, and started 1 on the online classes that I am taking (the other one starts Monday), signed up for a book study at the ESOL office.

Reflection:  ESOL 1 – Beginning –  “TO BE” verb.  Tuesday – the sentences on the board confused them, we reviewed them as a group , it seemed to make sense to them – A. and M.  got 80% on the assignment.  I did break it down into AM/IS/ARE for I, he/she/it/you.   CABLE – Political and Physical Map differences/Compass Rose/Scale/Key is still giving them problems.  What I had been doing was not being successful.  I put the T chart up on the board again, had them make a foldable of it.  It still was not working so I added pictures – mountains, rivers, plains for physical and a heart with the name of their country for Political.  The back had the pictures of the 3 skills.  On Wednesday I printed up the test and let them use the foldable.  They still did not understand.  We reviewed it.  On Thursday was SCORE day.  L and J did not pass the verb test – they are improving slowly.  I am still going to continue with the charts, the DLP, board work and so on.  I know that this works – it just takes lots of practice for some newcomers to get it.  J. is still in the silent phase and is still looking like he is dazed.  It will take him some more time to adjust and he is starting to talk and answer questions. (other teachers say he is trying just not understanding – SPED maybe? I have to watch.) L. I know is trying but is not understanding the written word.  It will take her months.  Interrupted education is the cause.  Not only is L. having to adjust to America, living back with her parents, but since L. has not been in school – L. needs to learn school and everything that it involves.  Skills are somewhere around early 1st grade.  Joie from ESOL gave me some materials to use.  The CABLE test was failed by most.  I am running out of ideas.  I did take them out to the courtyard and used the sidewalk as the political map and the grass with the trees as the physical map.  I repeated this on Friday and they seem to get it.  We will see this week.  Do different- labels for the courtyard, and use chalk to draw the 3 map labels.  Also use other maps and have them id the parts.  SPED lent me maps to use.  If all else fails make maps out of clay or mache? Started on charts/graphs/timelines.  I am getting bored with maps since we have done them for 3 weeks.  I had them color paper plates with their favorite colors and turned it into a chart on the board and turned that into a bar graph.  I have made a sample timeline to use with them.  Do different – favorite foods, can’t do sports since they all love soccer and only 2 teams.  Next week will be the map skills and charts/graphs/timeline.  “TO BE” verb still with the pronoun chart and adding the names but break it down to they/we/you.

ESOL intermediate classes main idea and information stated in the text.  Not mastering it.  Part is the problem is that the 7th graders are still adjusting and not understanding that they are in middle school and it no longer works to do minimal work and get the grades.  Progress reports should take care of this.  The side conversations are continuing no matter what I do.  I finally had to get mad and yell.   The 8th graders are low but are mastering the skills.    I am now pulling out the learning cards and making new ones to use with them.  I am also going to move them into small groups and do a rotation.  Lessons will be DLP, cards, and now adding poetry in.  2b needs the informational text worked on.

Intervention class-  I am so not happy with this class and the students know it.  THe behaviors are showing it.  My original thought with this class was to do context clues and the matching MSA skills and writing.  It changed into a RELA class and it was too much to plan something different for that class that they had not had on top of what I am planning for the other classes.  I did a lot of thinking last weekend and on Monday at my training and decided to go back to my original plan.  As D.Y. explained writing was low across the county and I what I was blaming myself for was not true.  While I can take part of the blame for the 8th graders because I did not teach it much last year and what I did teach was based on something that was not being accessed in the same way or amount.  What I did do would have been good enough but not with the new test.  I am starting over with this class and will teach writing the way I know how to – I am going back to the ‘old’ way.  The way that I taught it 20+ years ago.  Common Core is taking it back to that type of teaching.

Personal note: the school retreat.  While I would love to go, I don’t want to.  I have to leave home for the weekend, leave K alone (I know she is old enough but),  I am putting so much time in at school and at home that I am exhausted when I get home on Friday’s I sleep for 12 to 16 hours on Friday night into Saturday.  I also have too many issues with people, that spending the weekend with them is too much.  My body is not handing my hours at all.  My hands hurt by the end of the week, my hips and back don’t want to move in the morning (it takes meds to get me to the point that I can shower) and at night I can’t walk.  I do not want to show these people how much pain I am in and what it is taking me just to come to work.   I am doing the best I can and am not sure if it is good enough.

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Leadership Time




My leadership project was as Communication Liaison.  As the liaison I spent most of my time in short intervals that as recorded took up both sides of the time sheet.  I have summarized both sides here.  The time sheet is behind this page.


October through December 2011: 10 hours total

January and February 2012: 10 hours 45 minutes

March 2012:  6 hours

April 2012: 7 hours


Total hours : 33 hours 45 minutes


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Peace the stats


$15.00 for the dye.

$8 for the background fabric

$12 for the thread.

$10.00 for the original white fabric, the backing, and the batting.  (all from my stash)

total: $45.00

time: design: 2 hours

fabric dye = 2 hours

cutting and lay out = 2 hours

applique = 1 hour 30 minutes

sandwich and sizing = 3 hours

quilting words = 3 hours 30 minutes

quilting background = 4 + 6= 10 hours

binding = 2 hours by machine and hand

finishing = 15 minutes

total = a whole lot of time

Presentation to Principal = priceless, the man had tears and was touched and is now talking to me!


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*Leadership Portfolio Reflection

Briefly describe what you accomplished through your leadership positions.  Refer to the work samples included in your discussion.

I attended the Professional Development sessions hosted by the FIRST OFFICE for communication liaisons.  At these sessions we were told about what was required of us in this role.  I returned to school after each session and communicated with the other teachers via email about the requests.  I made hard copies of everything requested and placed in the others boxes.  After my first attempt to get the information requested I not only emailed them, made a second or third copy which was placed in their box, but I also met with each teacher to get the paperwork completed.  Copies of all this is in the documentation and the teacher information files.  The information for the hard to staff and teaching assignments was difficult to get from the teachers.  I finally printed the information myself, had the principal sign it, and turned it in via pony. This was done in January well prior to the deadline in March.  Notice of this was sent via email to the principal from the FIRST OFFICE. Copies of all of these materials are in the documentation and teacher information file.  I have also met with small groups of teachers presenting the Leadership and Professional Development deadlines. I also met with teachers as needed to answer any questions they had.

In what ways did your leadership contribute to the improvement of your school, the school system or a specific colleague?

I was able to document and submit to the FIRST OFFICE what each teacher’s leadership project was, their teaching assignment, and hard to staff areas.  The teachers’ will receive the $1500 when payout is made.   The Cohort 4 teachers had several questions and I was able to help them with their understanding of the evaluation process and how to work on their portfolios.  As I had conversations with each teacher I found myself reflecting on each conversation and what I had said.  There were several emails also with these teachers as they asked questions.  As I replied to each of these emails that I found myself reading and rereading and reflecting on what I wrote.  I did this not only because I did not want to give them the wrong information but I also wanted to be sure that I was clearly answering their questions and that I understood not only the question but the answer.

What did you learn regarding professional practices as a result of your leadership work?

Organizational skills were refined.  I was able to keep all my FIRST documentation together and was able to access it quickly as needed.

Communication with my colleagues was successful and I was able approach them with very little resistance on their parts.  I finally felt like I was a member of this school. This enabled me to work with my colleagues to meet the needs of my students.  My colleagues saw that I am working for my students needs and theirs so that the can be successful in what they are teaching and in their professional growth. This in turn gave me the ability to teach and spend my time  doing what I am supposed to do in my professional life.  After each conversation and email I reflected on what had been said and I found that my confidence in myself and my knowledge grew.  This added to my professionalism in that I did not second guess myself and was able to relate to my colleagues better.

I was able to refine some of my organizational skills.  Both the leadership portfilio and the PD on were organized and kept together in 1 location so I could access them quickly.  This skill was/is moved over into other areas in my classroom and how I organize things.

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Progress Peace

At this point I am up to the binding, the shelve, and the signature. Time was spent  getting the sandwich together in the middle of the week and basting it together.  I then spent most of Friday and into Saturday on quilting the words and the peace sign.  Sunday and Monday was spent on the rest of the quilting – I stipple stitched the entire quilt except for the sign. I did quilt my name and the date into this but it is very well hidden.    I did this because I wanted the sign to pop out and the words to recede into the background.  The words were done in a variegated gold/silver/lavender/pink metallic thread.  The rest is in a gold metallic thread.  The results are quite nice.  The binding will be in the same fabric as the background.  It will just finish it off and the peace sign will continue to be the main focus.

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